Our Story

How it all started

fruit wine

Having been laid from his job as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) during the oil crisis in 2015, coupled with his broken heart due to separation from his hearth rob, Ferdinand C. Nipaz decided to go on a drinking spree by himself. Just before he starts, he noticed fruits falling from a tree. An idea suddenly sparked from his mind that urged him to research fruit processing. There came out fruit wine. Quickly taking interest in it, he decided to make an experiment on how to make fruit wine which he successfully did.

On January 2017, he introduced his wátermelón wine which he called “Pakwine” during a local Festival in Bani, Pangasinan. The locals were amazed by the exquisite taste of the wine and after having been featured in local televisión, plenty of orders came pouring in. Since then, his fruit wine started to be well-known in Pangasinan and in the entire Region.

Not long after, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) along with other government agencies, made interventions for the improvement and promotion of the wine. After some seminars, the overall experience of our wine has greatly improved

Today, our winery adopts an international wine-making process similar to that of overseas. Making it competitive in the world market. Ferdinand is also starting to innovate by developing herbal wines like malunggay wine, ampalaya wine, oregano wine.

Through the continuous support from DTI, it is not surprising that Nature’s Winery will have brighter years ahead.